My goal for creating passive income

I started my internship in HR today. And today, I am committing to a goal of creating a stream of passive income that averages $22 per month by September 30, 2012, and lasts a minimum of two years. This is not a very large sum of money, I know. But it is truly a big step for me, making this commitment. I don’t even have a plan for generating that income, but committing to the goal seems like a good step.

Steve Pavlina – well, his blog posts – are my guide for this, and I am incredibly thankful for his perspective and the ways in which he has influenced my own thoughts and beliefs. It is time for me to take the next step, to stop talking and start doing. By writing this post, I am taking one small step to strengthen my commitment to my passive income goal. “If you make it easy and safe to fail, you probably will.” I am doing what I can to make it harder to fail, to create some sort of public accountability. This is an action step.

Tomorrow morning I will return for my second day of interning. This is a sixteen-week internship that is set to last through the end of August. I will be working on this passive income goal all summer, although the next steps are not clear yet. So far, I have one idea that I am looking forward to developing.

Once my internship is over, I will have one semester left of school, and my classes will always be completed by 12:20 in the afternoon. This allows me plenty of time to work on this goal not only this summer, but also through September. My goal is the create the income stream by the end of September – that means having made some money by then – with an average of $22 per month coming in.

Admittedly, this post has been written in a rapid and somewhat impulsive manner. But today, RIGHT NOW, I am committing here on this blog, to the following:

I will create a new stream of passive income by September 30, 2012 that generates $22 per month on average and endures for a minimum of two years.